Wedding Childcare

Are you getting married in France? Or perhaps you’re attending a wedding at one of the stunning chateaux dotted around this beautiful country. If you have little ones in tow it can be difficult to balance their needs with the desire to enjoy the big day. And of course a 14th century chateau with an infinity pool or lake isn’t the most child friendly of places!

A SillyBillyS! babysitter (or indeed a team of babysitters if there is a large group of children) can be booked either by the Bride and Groom or by the parents themselves. Childcare is usually booked to start prior to the ceremony and continues until the end of the night so that the parents can really relax and enjoy the celebrations. Babysitters can be booked to look after little ones at their accommodation if this is away from the wedding or at the venue itself. If there are a number of children attending the wedding, a team of babysitters can be booked and the little ones can be cared for all together. In this case a room will need to be provided within the venue for the sole use of the children and babysitters and with easy access to toilet and hand washing facilities. SillyBillyS! babysitters are happy to take charge of any games and activities provided by the parents or Bride and Groom and also to supervise mealtimes.

For the safety of everyone we operate a maximum ratio of 1:2 for children under two years of age and 1:3 for those over two years of age.

As the little ones become tired at the end of the busy day, SillyBillyS! babysitters can settle them down and watch over them as they sleep until the parents return after a night of partying.

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